Hcg sublingual drops vs injections for macular

I am reading for a second round to lose the remaining 20 pounds, but am thinking of switching to rx. Sublingual drops hcg, hcg, best hgh for sale, order hgh injections online, do hgh supplements work over 40. Later on many modified hcg diet plan came up, some with sublingual hcg drop and some other in homeopathic form. Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, sideeffects, and cautions.

Jul 25, 2015 hcg drops have been used for years and it has proven itself when it comes to safety of use, cost efficiency, and, of course, effectiveness in weight loss. The hcg sublingual drops the sublingual drop is as effective as the hcg injections only that the drops are handier to take and provide less pain. Hcg pellets are a relatively new form of the hormone that can be taken orally. Sublingual hcg drops benefits, how to use, dosage and. This category also includes sublingual under the tongue hcg, which also requires a prescription. If youve been trying to figure out whether to try hcg diet drops or injections, you should know that both options can work for you as long as you pick the right product, and that one isnt necessarily better than the other for the hcg diet. So lets put the homeopathy into homeopathic hcg drops and explain what it is. The mucus membranes of the nasal passage and sublingual lining appear to be more permeable than skin to allow the absorption of hcg. These drops are manufactured by using hcg in its full strength and diluting it with other ingredients such as usp alcohol so that it may be administered under your tongue. Hcg injections is placed below the skin with a very small insulin syringe. The original disbursement method of the medicine was through injection or drops.

As a woman conceives a baby, it transmits a signal to the brain hypothalamus for. Drops please, dont waste your money or your health by going on the hcg diet without the real, pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone. The main reason hcg injections are a good choice is that you can be sure of the results when you inject a certain dose of hcg, you are getting the full dose 100% so that you get the proper dose of hcg in your system every time, whereas with sublingual drops, its hard to know how much you will be absorbing and how much you are swallowing etc. We now offer prescription unmixed hcg with each vial containing 12,000 iu. When doing it yourself, its easiest to do the premixed drops. He said he doesnt like to stick himself with a needle so he assumes that other people do not either is why he writes his prescriptions for sublingual. Oral hcg, also known as sublingual hcg drops, is a homeopathic remedy. Pharmaceutical hcg drops are the most widely used form of hcg thanks to their low price. The newer products like homeopathic hcg and hcg replacement products are less expensive, but there are other considerations as wellthings. The products are available in the form of injections, drops, sprays, and pills. In order to understand the way how the hcg drops work once drained into the blood stream, we have to know about the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. Many people dont know what homeopathy is, and if youve never heard of it, homeopathy can be an eyeopening experience.

You may be using hcg sublingual drops with hcg free recipes as a therapy method. No driving, no gas or doctors office waiting rooms. Why we switched from hcg injections to hcg drops doit. However, a study shows that people who switched to drops from injection showed better results with.

Hcg drops vs injectionseverything you need to know before choosingfor anyone beginning the hcg diet, or for those who are starting their second round of the diet, the decision to use injections, one of the many brands of drops or some other methods, such as pellets, will have to be made. Regardless of the various controversies about the hcg diet, people are still curious about hcg drops and injections so that they can decide the best among the two. The sublingual drop is as effective as the hcg injections only that the drops are handier to take and provide less pain. Although the diet has been heavily tested with the injections, the sublingual drops have been proven to. The hcg oral sublingual kit provides you with everything you will need to create a sublingual hcg mixture that will last for a 23 day or a 43 day protocol the 23 day sublingual kit is pictured above. Albert simeons first recommended the concurrent use of hcg with a verylowcalorie weightloss diet to counteract the bodys tendency to burn muscle mass before fat reserves on verylowcalorie diets such as the 500calorieperday hcg diet. Oral hcg sublingual hcg mixing kits sublingual hcg mixing. They have the same hunger reducing effects as the injections without the daily needle stick that prevents so many from using injections with hcg successfully. Amber glass bottle with a lid or dropper top for mixing and storing the hcg in the refrigerator. Incidentally, hcg shots syringes are tiny insulin type syringes 516 of an inch long and very narrow 30 gauge. With the popularity of the hcg diet at an all time high, more and more people are wanting to try the sublingual drops.

Due to the rising popularity of hcg diet, other forms have been made available to the public. Although the exact dosage of this hormone primarily depends upon the amount of pounds one intends to lose, they should be taken 3 to 6 times a day. Dont be fooled by the multiple sites out there offer homeopathic hcg or drops that offer a money back guarantee that you will never see. They are a great alternative since many dieters hate needles and dont want to have an hcg injection every day. Different types of hcg diet nutra pure hcg diet drops. The common types of hcg diets include premixed drops, selfmixed injections or shots or selfmixed sublingual. The homeopathy in homeopathic hcg drops healthy hcg. Hcg drops sublingual hcg hcg drops are a convenient and painfree way to take hcg. The content on this site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Be aware that other, nonprescription types of hcg are also taken under the tongue. Hcg injections hcg drops hcg diet information your hcg.

I am new to this hcg diet, and just was wondering if you can take the drops and the injections. Regardless of which method is used, all hcg forms begin with 125 international units of a powdered form of hcg. The wellknown hcg injection protocol was established in the 1950s. In my opmion that is usually garbage, i do hcg and 500 cal diet for my pts and i use subq hcg from a reputable pharmacy and we test the hcg on a preg test, a lot of hcg u get thru the internet is garbage and u need the proper conseling and monitoring during the diet, i did. The hcg diet consists of severe calorie restriction of 500 calories per day on an extremely rigid diet. Large syringe with needle to remove the dissolved hcg from the ampule and. Then why do people prefer the hcg drops over the injections. Ultimately, you need to have information on hcg drops vs hcg injections before you can make your choice on what you need in between the two use when losing weight. Please, dont waste your money or your health by going on the hcg diet without the real, pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone. These seem very easy to acquire and to selfadminister while promising. They are designed to dissolve under the tongue and release the appropriate amount of hcg. The hcg drops and injections do not have much difference, however they can be differentiated based on their effectiveness, cost and safety. While some claim prescription hcg is the only way to go, they seldom point out its high cost. Nov 07, 2017 administering hcg drops via sublingual mode is as good as injecting the medicine directly into the blood stream.

Hcg drops vs injections will hcg drops work the same as the injections for on cycle and pct. Hcg is the abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone released only during pregnancy and is used to maintain a healthy fetus. Simeons introduced the hcg diet by the form of hcg injections. Here is a brief comparison of what you can expect from using pellets vs. I am new to this group and was wondering if there is a difference between drops of hcg that is placed under the tongue as opposed to injectible hcg shots. The real pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone usually requires a prescription check out our buy real hcg page for how to get your prescription from a phone consultation. In this method, hcg is taken through a deliberate dilution process until the most potent form remains. This hormone is found to play a direct role in fat metabolism. However, over the last 50 years since it was written, the method of the hcg injection s has evolved into a much easier, cheaper and more convenient hcg drops form. Human chorionic gonadotropin hcg, is a hormone produced by the placenta in the initial phases of pregnancy. Selfmixed sublingual hcg is the most expensive of the three main methods of using hcg.

Differences between hcg drops and injections difference between. I averaged 2 pounds a day the first week, then 1 pound a day until i stopped at the beginning of my next period. From the above discussion this must have become clear to the readers. The hcg absorption rate has been proven to be up to 95%. Since sublingual absorption is less efficient than that by injection, any sublingual form of hcg must provide more of the hormone to match the injectable amount.

Supplemental injections of 125 iu or international units daily are given, in theory, to reduce hunger, improve mood or outlook, and to encourage spot reduction in the abdominal area. There is a difference in oral hcg and sublingual hcg. Different types of hcg diet nutra pure hcg hcg drops shop. Sublingual hcg drops benefits, how to use, dosage and where. Simeons in the fiftys, hcg diet plan has been finding massive popularity among obese and overweight people of the world. Hcg sublingual drops are popular for those looking to avoid the expense and inconvenience of injections. Pure hcg for injections or sublingual drops are key for successful weight loss. Moreover, since absorbing that much hcg in one dose is highly inefficient, hcg pellets are best taken twice per day. We here at diy hcg sell premixed weight loss drops that are used orally. The hcg drop is then absorbed into the skin before eventually reaching the fat cells. You need to read the book that eilapxns everything. Pharmaceutical hcg injections hcg injections are possibly the most common method of taking hcg, simply because it was the original method used by dr.

The hcg sublingual drops are a painless alternative to the hcg injections. Hcg drops have been used for years and it has proven itself when it comes to safety of use, cost efficiency, and, of course, effectiveness in weight loss. It is found in the blood and urine of pregnant women, according to the american pregnancy association. Oral hcg does not have the properties to absorb into the skin. Its simple definition is taking hcg diet drops under the tongue. Typically this means that hcg pellets must provide 400500 iu per day.

Many recommend that hcg drops only be in use as an alternative to hcg injections. Although the diet has been heavily tested with the injections, the sublingual drops have been proven to be just as effective, and at nu image medical they. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease. Users of the selfmixed sublingual under the tongue method must use nearly twice the. This alternative is also used when the patient has a real phobia towards needles. These drops are then placed under the tongue using an oral syringe several times a day. Hcg drops vs hcg injections what people should know. I have used the hcg shots in november of 2008 and i have gained more weight back since that diet. Differences between hcg drops and injections difference. Hcg drops has been found to be as effective as injections. Most people that search the net will first stumble upon the oral and sublingual variant of the substance. And, my drops have b12 in them and i find that really does help my energy level, so i usually start my day off with drops.

We are here to set the story straight about the best method of hcg administration and why we switched from selling hcg injections to selling homeopathic drops. Although, while some who take hcg in drops form would agree that it is cheaper compared to hcg injections, those who take hcg in injection form would say that the effect is faster, especially since you take it intravenously. The other popular mode of hcg administration is hcg injections that are painful and has other drawbacks. So today i wanted to give you the proper instructions for mixing your own hcg sublingual drops. I started with sublingual homeopathic drops losing 19 pounds in 40 dayswith absolutely no cheating.

Reading about recent 2009 weight loss success stories we selected the best and easy one to follow with a few hcg drops under the tongue and i feel confident for such wise decision. They are just as effective as drops, and some say even more so because of the slower dissolve time allowing the body to absorb the hormones more completely. Hcg drops are placed under the tongue and absorbed by the rich layers of blood vessels found in the mouth. Sublingual hcg healthy hcg mix to reliable weight loss cure. Simeons was the first person to claim the positive effects of hcg products for weight loss. They come in the form of sublingual hcg drops that a dieter has to place under the tongue for a few minutes. The homeopathy in homeopathic hcg drops homeopathic hcg drops are developed using the principles of homeopathic medicine. But to use the sublingual method, you must first know how to mix them. This is the easiest way of administration and painless as well. So many other websites offer hcg that is not the real pure hcg. Hcg injections side effects when using hcg injections, you are using pharmaceutical hcg, which requires a prescription to purchase in the u. Nov 15, 2011 i know the injections are better, but for some reason i cant get my doctor to give me the injectable.

There are so many types of hcg weight loss supplements, it can get confusing. The safety measures in taking the drop are just the same with the injections which have need of a physical examination and medical prescription. Difference between hcg drops and injections compare the. Some adventurous dieters choose to try the hcg injections and the selfmixed sublingual hcg, but they can be confusing and painful ouch. See more ideas about b12 injections, methylcobalamin b12 and hcg injections. I have a prescription for it and i have to get it at a compounding pharmacy. Hcg drops for homeopathic weight loss the hcg diet has been around since the 1950s when british endocrinologist dr. Cost comparison youre smart to be concerned about the cost of the hcg diet plan.

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