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Contact tecan for filters other than those supplied on the delivered filter slides. Automated parallel chromatography standardized chromatographic tests can be. Our customers are mostly active in highly regulated areas. Tecan provides products and services that are compliant with clinical regulations around the world, with a globally distributed qara organization to ensure an understanding of local needs. Although the tecan qc kit is intended to be used for checks such as iqoq, this study shows that the tecan qc kit can also be used for performance checks under environmental conditions that deviate from the manufacturers specified operating conditions. Dna iq systema on the tecan freedom evo laboratory automation. Tecan freedom evo2 200 liquids handler with pc and oem. The freedom evo series is one of the most popular and reliable systems in the market, with more than 7,500 sold worldwide. Tecan freedom evo liha illumina 150 8 tip liquid handling robot clinical research labs 8988 duration. Tecan specifies the pipetting behavior of the tecan freedom evo under. Powering tecan s freedom evo series is a superior, innovative software engine providing software solutions that allow you to work more efficiently and adapt quickly to new requirements.

The tecan freedom evohsm workstation automates the isolation of genomic dna gdna from various sample types using the reliaprep large volume ht. The used tecan evo 200 liquid handling system is shown with 3 arms and an automatic barcode scanner. Freedom evo ngs workstation automated ngs sample preparation. The refurbished freedom evo platform is flexible and configurable.

Columns processed on the tecan freedom for complete. Your freedom evo can evolve as your needs change, using up to three arms on one platform to combine liquid handling and robotic resources. With a long history of developing for and serving highly regulated markets, you can be sure that tecan partnerings products and services will meet the most demanding requirements yours. You can configure your own system according to your application needs with the help of ale.

User management, file protection and traceability features. System protocol for the tecan freedom evor promega. Additionally, it is compatible with a range of thirdparty plate stackers, such as the slab from paa, for semiautomated processing of plates. The driving force behind every freedom evo application is freedom evoware, which lets you implement methods with an innovative, draganddrop graphical user interface gui. Tecan freedom evo series the freedom evo series offers four different worktable capacities 75, 100, 150 and 200 cm each with buildingblock modularity that brings precision, reliable liquid handling and easytouse robotics. Freedom evoware sample tracking records the messages that freedom evoware generates for each action performed, making it a true and accurate reflection of what really happened. This is complemented by builtin sample tracking, audit trails and user access controls to. The freedom evo ngs workstation includes all currently available standard protocols at the time of installation. Tecan schweiz ag and its representatives maintain a fully trained. Identity automation qpcr setup protocol for the powerquant. The freedom evo 75 automation of reaction setup robust and.

Tecan freedom evo available at the lab world group. Pdf automated extraction of dna and pcr setup using a. Tecan freedom evo 2 200 liquids handler with pc and oem software this modular system comprises the following units. Impact of standardizing on traceable qc for volume transfers. An low volume pipetting freedom evo teps 395294 v1. Tecans freedom evo series offers small footprint solutions as well as unique vertical and efficient peripheral integration. Heres where we take a closer look at the research and development stories, trends and developments shaping the diverse areas in which our customers and partners work.

Many of our solutions seamlessly integrate liquid handling and detection technologies, and have been evaluated with tecan consumables and reagents, tested with widely used assay kits, or developed in collaboration with our partners. Tecan infinite 200 instructions for use manual pdf. Clinicians frequently request retrospective analysis, sometimes as a means of monitoring drug response or identifying drug resistance, and also increasingly to understand the underlying mechanisms that lead to, for example, organ rejection. Id 393 062 freedom evo maintenance and service logbook doc. Tecan freedom evo 150 illumina liquid handler span8 workstation singlearm robot 3. The evo 200 includes an 8 channel pipetting arm with independent zaxis movement and symmetrically variable yaxis tip spacing configured as either standard or disposable tips. Tecan freedom evo 150 illumina liquid handler span8. Tecan qualityassured consumables for oem applications and validated spare parts ensure your system delivers optimum performance. All our products and services are the result of tecan s constant dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Tecan offers an extensive range of carriers for positioning standard labware on the worktable, e. Lower service and support costs the uniformity of the freedom evolyzer family components means that spare parts, service and.

Easy to use liquid handling system includes computer and warranty. Id 392 815 application software gemini software manual doc. The hydrospeed is tecan s advanced plate washer, designed for quick, parallel washing of entire 96 and 384well plates. Freedom evo clinical with the freedom evolution software is designed to carry out common tasks for liquid handling, such as sample predilution and distribution into the subsequent vials or plates and reagent addition. The freedom evo clinical is commonly used as a frontend instrument for elisa processors, performing the first steps of.

The combination of tecan s robotic integration and liquid handling expertise together with the innovative phytip columns gives the user a fully automated protein purification system for higher throughput demands. Tecan partnering has extensive experience in the automation of antibodybased testing for infectious diseases, autoantibodies and allergens. Tecan has provided field service for several global oem customers already for many years. Virology testing at a molecular level is crucial for a fast and sensitive initial diagnosis, but its role doesnt stop there. Freedom evo clinical was designed for dedicated applications such as sample distribution, sample splitting and archiving. Extended automation of amplification procedures can be easily achieved by integration of tecans infinite plate reader for nucleic acid quantification and. Automated genomic dna isolation using the tecan freedom evor. Evo logic software for sample distribution with freedom.

Tecan freedom evo 200 liquid handler wair liha, mca 96. The installation process will include testing and training of one of the available protocols as agreed with the customer. Please select from the list of available validated methods and provide us with your contact information. Infinite 200 laboratory equipment pdf manual download. These scripts can process liquid samples and samples on solid supports. Tecan freedom evo liha temo robotics phytip columns catalog. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report. Freedom evoware sample tracking also tracks volumes and concentrations in each labware as the freedom evo pipettes into them. The tecan freedom evo 200 is the largest version of freedom evo series. The tecan freedom evo is very easy to work with for small scale purification due to the builtin chromatography wizard. View and download tecan infinite 200 instructions for use manual online. Tecan freedom evo 75 automated liquid handler w gemini 4.

The touchscreen guides you through your daily tasks for efficient operation. Find out more about our expertise in various fields in tecan partnerings videos and webinars. Propylthiouracil was added at a final concentration. The methods are based on the m48 extraction kit qiagen gmbh, hilden, germany. Tecan freedom evo 75 liquid handling system with columbus pro microplate washer and sunrise micropla. Tecan hardware and software components, including tecan s sunrise reader and hydroflex washer instruments.

The freedom evo workstations enable you to configure your instrument. All working concentrations of 2, 10, and 50 m, were further diluted from one master plate per experiment for higher accuracy using the tecan freedom evo tecan with a 96head and directly applied to embryos at 10 hpf at a final volume of 100 l per well to start the treatment. From application expertise to quality and regulatory knowhow. Automated extraction of dna from blood and pcr setup. This allows validation results to be reused, greatly reducing the amount of additional work required. And, one of the most popular and reliable lab automation systems in the market. Dna extraction using the tecan freedom evor 200 and.

Designed to handle your repetitive liquid handling tasks, the freedom evo 75 is either used as a standalone instrument or integrated with an analytical system. Freedom evo the tecan journal is published several times a year, and contains articles featuring users of tecan instruments, as well as information about latest products and global tecan activities. Tecan freedom evo 150 liha illumina liquid handler. Software manual pdf file on the freedom evoware installation cd. A member of our automation support team will contact you and coordinate the method implementation. This is why over 80% of the top 30 diagnostic companies place their trust with tecan. The upgradeable freedom evo platform can evolve with your changing application needs, making your. This document describes the automated protocol for the identity automation. It uses a modern graphical user interface gui that allows laboratory staff with minimal.

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